Tuesday, January 27, 2015


External facilities adjacent to the terminal housing projects including Cullinan,
Hermina hospital renowned schools, shopping centers such as the Giant. in Order To
recreation, no need to go far because Taman Sari Fruit Blooms and Water Kingdom can
is just 10 minutes away from the residence.
Even soon will stand a modern shopping center that Metropolitan Mall Cullinan
prepared by PT. Metropolitan Land, Tbk in residential locations can also be Metland Transyogi
enjoyed by occupants Metland Cullinan because it is adjacent.
Metland Tambun
Metland Tambun is one of the residential housing that offers self-concept,
which combines a comfortable residential and commercial areas are located in Bekasi
currently growing rapidly. sEE at http://sutoro.web.id/metland-rumah-idaman-investasi/167